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Our Favorite Equipment
We've put together a list of our favorite equipment used in our videos and projects.

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Mavic Multi-Battery Charger
How we stay charged up for the long-run!

So you just had to give up your afternoon of flying because your battery died.  

Now you think and wonder, how do the professionals get such amazing footage in just the few minutes these batteries last?  

Well, we've got a little secret for you my friend.  

We absolutely LOVE this multi-battery charger!  

We can plug all our batteries in the night before a big project and this charger will charge all of them up one at a time to their best charge and we're juiced up and ready to walk out the door in the morning.  

Better yet, you can see the status of the battery right on it so we always know we're not picking up a dud.  

Ours came with a fly more combo pack offered on here, but you can find similar chargers across the site with and without bundles.  

We advise you to use genuine chargers that are compliant and manufacturer approved with the standards for your drone.

In our case, we fly a Mavic so we made sure the charger was right for our drone's batteries before plugging them in.  

You can find one of these awesome chargers for yourself in the link below.
Propeller Maintenance
R.I.P. Original Propellers!

Let's face it, we all have to learn and most of us have broken a propeller or two along the way.  

Not to fear, we know just where you can find an affordable replacement set.  

Better yet, we even found some silent ones that help reduce that annoying noise these fun gadgets create.  

If you need advice on putting the propellers on correctly make sure to consult the instructions.  

Our own expert remote pilot Kyle gives a quick lesson below, but always be safe and make sure you've done it right before heading out to fly!
Protect Your Investment!

Make sure your expensive drone is protected from drops and the elements with a proper carrying case.  We like the one we've linked to below!

Digital Cameras
Sometimes we're grounded too.  Here are some great deals on regular digital cameras and accessories!

You'll want to make sure and get a quality camera bag like this one to protect your sensitive camera and its fragile lenses.

Don't forget a tripod for steady hands free filming!  

This is a must have for capturing those beautiful events in nature like lightening strikes that require long exposure times!

Looking to get just the perfect amount of bokeh (background blur) to really make your subject pop?  

Try using a prime lens like the one we've listed below.  

Be sure to choose one compatible with your camera though!

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