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Social Media Management
Customer Connection

Long gone are the days of shoving an ad in the yellow pages and expecting the phone to ring.  Today's technology focused consumers often prefer digital messages to phone calls and rarely ever pick up a phone book.  This is one place the awesome power of social media picks up.  Social media centers like FaceBook, YouTube, and Twitter have made it easier than ever to connect with real potential customers.  This is where we can help your business marketing soar.  We offer a variety of packages including pre-written article content options, scheduled posting, video and graphic creation, and branding services.  Below are just some of the offerings we have to help your business stay relevant in your customers news feeds, but we offer custom packages tailored to each business too!

  • Branding
Have a great company and great services or products but no one remembers you?  Let us help you create a unique brand accross all your digital platforms.  This helps build trust among customers and conveys a sense of professionalism about your business.
  • Pre-written articles with scheduled posting
As the name would suggest, these are pre-written articles that offer a big boost in SEO value to your website or social media page.  Each article is editable by you and can be reviewed before posting to ensure it aligns with your business's values and customers.  This is one of our favorites because it makes creating fresh content for your business easy and automatic so you can focus on growing your business.   
  • Social Media Analytics Reporting
All social media sites offer a variety of analytics for your review, but do you understand how they impact your business?  We aggregate all that information for you into easy to use reports and offer consultations on turning that information into converted customers for your business.
  • Reputation & Review Management
The best advertising is word of mouth.  A strong review from current customers can be a critical key to new recurring customers.  We offer a variety of options for managing your business's reviews and online reputation.  Got a bad review last month but don't recognize the customer's name?  We can help you respond to it, or dispute it if you feel it was a false review.  Sudden drop in customers but you don't see a reason why?  Check out what's being said online about your business.  Negative mentions are included in this package so you can see what customers are saying about your business on the web, both positive and negative.  This can help identify hidden problems and allow you to fix them!

As mentioned above, these are just a few of the services we can offer your business.  We have several more available and we can mix and match different services and apps to create a custom solution that works for you.  Worried about cost?  We're small business owners too, so we try to create solutions that work within your budget!

Make Your Company Visible

Let's face it, having the coolest website out there won't help if no one sees it.  That is where our awesome team comes in.  We help get your business, website, and social media profiles out for the world to see!  We can help you with social media posting, local SEO, and even backlinking!  A quick initial audit helps set a baseline and weekly progress reports highlight the changes in your website's health.  Don't think you've got a problem?  Great, but we still include free audit reports with all paid monthly subscriptions.  If issues arise, you'll know about them quickly and we can help you correct them at a fair price.  You won't have endless multiple contacts with us, we become your one point of contact so you can focus on growing your business while we work on promoting it!  One of our best values is the $60/month reputation management package!

Reputation Management
Shape Your Business Reputation Online

Do you know what customers are saying about you online?  What are your customers super happy about that you've done for them?  What has your company done to upset them?  What reviews are being said about you?  Where are all those reviews?  What impact are negative ones having on potential customers?  Are there fake ones from competitors you don't know about?  These are just a few things to consider when trying to monitor your company's reputation.  We have an easy to use dashboard tool that allows mentions of your business and reviews to all be aggregated into one easy to use dashboard.  You can even reply directly to each of the reviews from this one spot.  We know you're busy so we've made managing this part of your business easy for you!  This service starts at just $60/month and can quickly pay for itself with just a few new customers!  Don't forget this basic package also comes with a review widget for your website and a free weekly SEO audit of your website so you can see how healthy your website is performing!
Analytics Reporting
Know How It Affects Your Company

We'll pull things together into easy to read reports and be there to help you understand what all those numbers mean.  From video views, to follower reactions, we'll help you make sense of all that data.  We'll even show you how your social media prescense is affecting any website traffic you have.  Don't let the numbers trip you up when you have customers to take care of.  Let us help you understand it all at a glance so you can have more time to build your dreams.
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